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HG Travelling Services was established in 2002 by its founder, Leon Daniels, supported by fellow Chief Executive Officer, Hayden Daniels.

The company specializes in student transport, having developed this speciality by being the first transport company within the Western Cape, to successfully develop and implement a complete transport solution for the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). HG Travelling Services today, has broadened its scope of services, but the company remains owner-managed, ensuring direct communication between Client and Operator.

HG Travelling Services (HGTS) provided transport for the Sports Department of the then Cape Technikon (now the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, CPUT) in 1999. During 2000, HGTS was requested by the Cape Technikon to provide a shuttle service from one of its Residences (EWR) as a pilot project.

During January 2001, after a formal tender process, HGTS was awarded a 12 month contract to transport 1500 students from various Cape Technikon Residences to the Cape Technikon Main Campus. Over this 12 month period HGTS successfully developed and implemented a complete transport system servicing over 1500 students on a daily basis. After twelve months, the contract was extended for another two years.

During this period, the Cape Technikon experienced rapid growth in terms of its student resident housing, and HGTS had to expand to facilitate this growth by purchasing more vehicles (busses) to cope with the demand.

HGTS was awarded a further contract for 5 years and is still today the preferred service provider of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology servicing its transport contract.