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HG Travelling Services Going Green

HG Travelling Services has joined the Treevolution by joining forces with Greenpop. We have pledged to plant 40 trees a month with Greenpop to help balance our carbon footprint and contribute towards uplifting South African communities through greening and environmental education.

HG Travelling Services has embarked on this initiative to further support our policy of sustainability, not only for the company, but for the environment in which we operate. We acknowledge that transporting our valued passengers has an impact on the atmosphere and we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by way of restoring the delicate balance of oxygen through planting these trees, through responsible driving practices and through a sustainable approach to business – continuously giving back to communities in Southern Africa.

We appreciate that our passengers are environmentally aware and we would like to ease the burden of concern when using our services. Together with our passengers we will ensure that every trip is a safe one, not only to them but to their environment.

HG Travelling Services Driving Tips

Low Rev Gear Changes

Vehicle engines runs more efficiently at lower revs, around 1500 and 2500 rpm. Try and shift through the gears before 2500 rpm to ensure efficient driving practice.

Harsh Acceleration

Try and avoid unnecessary harsh acceleration while driving.

Smooth Driving

Maintain a good distance from the vehicle in front of you. This allows for you to better judge and travel with the flow of traffic. This will also allow for unnecessary acceleration and braking.

Avoid Long Periods Of Idling

If your vehicle is stopped or held up for long periods of time switch it off the engine. This will reduce fuel wasted by idling.


High speeds results in higher fuel consumption. Try and adhere to the legal speed limits