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  • When embarking on a recruitment process our needs are carefully identified in order to attract the best suitable candidates that are then shortlisted on the basis of skill, experience in passenger transport, employment equity requirements and previous employment checks.
  • Shortlisted candidates are then called into a first interview session, in which they are assessed on personality/job fit, a specified questionnaire and details of their experience and previous employment achievements or failures in order to gain a solid basis for further shortlisting.
  • Final shortlisted candidates and then scheduled for a pre-employment polygraph analysis and an SAPS criminal assessment.
  • Candidates are further sent on a in house driving assessment on our vehicles which is conducted by a senior driver and/or supervisor and documented for submission to our HR Department On clearance of all of the above, the candidate is then selected and placed on a permanent contract of employment.


  • When employed all drivers are taken through a formal induction of the company and the regulations of ISO 9001 standard requirements.
  • Drivers are furthermore placed with a more experienced driver to complete a job shadowing process for a 3 – 5 day period in order to learn the routes and vehicle capabilities.


  • When drivers reach the end of their 3 month probation period they are scheduled for an external comprehensive assessment that is facilitated and assessed by He & She Driving School.
  • In this assessment drivers undergo an eye test, theoretical examination on basic road rules, driving principles and a practical driving examination.
  • If cleared by the assessor, drivers are then considered permanent employees and their hourly rate increased, if they fail in the above regard they are placed on performance management and are carefully assessed for a reasonable period of time or are considered incapable of performing the job in the event of no improvement.

Permanent Employee Training and Retention:

  • Drivers are required to complete 4 compulsory courses as and when scheduled by the company, these courses are facilitated and assessed by an external service provider, He & She Driving School.
  • These courses are:
    • Defensive and Economical Driving
    • Basic Life Support and First Aid Procedures
    • Foster & Maintain Customer Relations
    • Apply Fire Fighting Techniques

Drivers are then encouraged to complete further courses offered by HG Travelling Services and He and She Driving School.