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Compliance with regulations as stipulated in the Public Transportation Act and Safety

The company fully complies with all the regulations stipulated in the Public Transportation Act. HG Travelling Services has always complied with regulations and no permits have ever been denied.

HG Travelling Services has all the required permits in compliance with the Road Traffic Act. This includes the passenger transport and tourism permits.

All permits are available for inspection on request. These permits have been renewed with the Traffic Department with no endorsements against any driver or the company itself. HG Travelling Services is proud of its track record and regards compliance with relevant legislation important to both the successful running of the business as well as to ensure the peace of mind of our clients and passengers. The fleet is regularly serviced by Mercedes Benz, our main supplier, while under the vehicle maintenance plan.

In addition to the regular scheduled services a vehicle mechanic is on site at the company premises on a daily basis to service and maintain any vehicles that have fallen out of the maintenance plan. The vehicle mechanic also carries out meticulous vehicle checks to ensure that all vehicles are kept in a sound condition.